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 Make every effort to control pollution and work together to protect the environment


Ningxia rivelle Energy Environment Engineering Co Ltd was founded in 2007, registered capital of 25 million yuan, after nearly ten years of unremittingly efforts, our district is engaged in research and development, and related product sales and construction of high-tech enterprises in the field of clean energy. The company is a member of the China Rural Energy Industry Association, and the vice president of the China biogas society.


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With its strong economic strength, the company scrupulously abide by the principle of honesty and honesty, and make good in the long-term business activities.

Good business reputation wins the trust of many customers and has a good reputation in the industry.

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Elimination of coking and coking of biomass boiler fuel

The biomass boiler industry has developed rapidly, there are large industrial biomass boilers and small civilian biomass boilers. The development of biomass boilers has become a present solution


Utilization of livestock and poultry manure resources and treatment of standard discharge

Specializing in the production of renewable energy as the main purpose, relying on the livestock and poultry manure processing enterprise specialized collection, the surrounding farm manure and sewage, investment in the construction of large-scale biogas project, high concentration anaerobic fermentation, biogas electricity or natural gas purification of biological organic fertilizer, biogas production in farmland, farmland use of biogas slurry or depth of discharge treatment. 气


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 With the strong economic strength and the principle of honesty, the company has won the trust of many customers in the long term business activities and won good reputation in the industry with its good commercial reputation.

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